Our Practice

Practice Area


We draft patent applications to cover your inventions and prosecute the applications through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  In addition, we counsel our clients on the freedom of their products from other patents.  We also advise clients on trade secret issues.

Particular Expertise


We can train your technologists and scientists to become more invention aware.   We can also conduct an invention harvesting effort to protect the launch of a new product platform.   

A Team in Your Corner


Our firm is dedicated to helping you understand your options in protecting your products and ideas.  We inform you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices available to you.   

Legacy of Success


Our collaborative team experience allows us to give you the best advice and patent coverage possible.  Together our team is responsible for obtaining grants of over 4000 patents.

Areas of Service

Patent Acquisition


Our main specialty is patent preparation and prosecution.  Together with decades of experience in oil refining technology, we have secured over 4000 patents.   We have experience in obtaining worldwide patent protection for your organization's products and processes .



We counsel your organization to avoid infringement of competitors' patents.  We can conduct a search and analyze the results to ensure your new product initiative is not at risk in the face of competitive patents.

Trade Secrets


Trade secrets consist of information and can include a compilation, program, practice, process,  pattern, technique or device. In order to protect your trade secret in your business, we counsel on protecting your discoveries that are best kept secret. 



Your trademark or logo uniquely identifies your firm or business and its goods and services.  Registering your trademark gives you legal rights to prevent unauthorized use.  After a trademark search is conducted, we pursue registration, enforce protection rights and maintain your trademark. 

We Produce a Sustainable Claim Scope



The Paschall & Maas Law Office team has a wide range of  experience counseling on intellectual property for clients in oil refining, plant controls, and automotive components to help you achieve the goals of your organization.  


Excellence in Counseling

We counsel engineers, scientists, surgeons, managers, executives and technologists on properly identifying inventions and providing sustainable protection.



 At Paschall & Maas Law Office, we obtain patents with claims that cover your invention as broadly as possible without treading on the prior art.

We are dedicated to providing patent applications in a language that maximizes your protection.

We also  specialize in counseling in freedom to practice and trade secrets. 

 We have decades of experience in private practice as well as in-house to offer you a wide array of perspectives.